Holiday crafts and cocktails

This past week I spent an evening with my friend Courtney (of The Vintagerie) making crafts and sipping cocktails. We made a fabulous holiday garland, beautiful snowflakes, an adorable gingerbread-man garland, and eggnog martinis. We were definitely feeling festive!

I had originally wanted to purchase a garland that I found at Paper Source, but I had all the supplies at home. So with a little elbow grease, I made one of my own! I also had a yearning for some eggnog, but didn’t want to do a traditional eggnog recipe, so I opted for a lighter (in calorie) option.

See all our fun crafts and recipes below!




For the garland, we used:

String or ribbon (in whichever color you prefer)

Cardboard for circle cutouts – I had some leftover that were pre-made from paper source. (TIP: Use cereal boxes as well!)

White printer paper

Pick a font online and print out letters (TIP: Make extra letters for a birthday sign later on)

Construction paper (in color of your choosing)

Hot glue gun

Cup to trace circles



Tracing the letters **Use a cup!

Trace the letters **Use a cup!

Cutting out the letters

Cut out the letters

Securing the letters and backing.

Securing the letters and backing.

TIP: Cut excess trim from behind!

TIP: Cut excess trim from behind!

Glue on the ribbon or twine.

Secure the ribbon or twine.

Adjusting the finished product!

Adjusting the finished product!




For the snowflakes, we used: 

White coffee filters


Jenny's snowflake.

Jenny’s snowflakeFor the snowflakes, we used: 
















For the Gingerbread-Man Garland, we used:

Brown construction paper

Red construction paper


Hot glue gun

String or twine



Courtney’s men. Aren’t they cute?!!?












For the eggnog martinis, we used:

Vanilla vodka

Butterscotch Schnapps

Light eggnog

Nutmeg and Cinnamon- to taste

**Fill a shaker with ice, 1 ounce vodka, 1 ounce schnapps, and 2 ounces eggnog. Shake and pour into glass. Top with nutmeg and cinnamon. (TIP: Rim your glass with cinnamon sugar and nutmeg, or put a cinnamon stick in it for added zest!

Eggnog Martinis and my new penguin shaker from Barkeeper in Silverlake!

Eggnog Martinis and my new penguin shaker from Barkeeper in Silverlake



















The final product!

The final product!


Happy Holidays…from my home to yours!


Miss Notsocoy

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