Apartment Search = Success

Last week I was on the hunt for the perfect apartment in NYC and boy was it a roller coaster of emotion. The first two days were not easy as I sifted through about 15 apartments all over Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. I was told by multiple brokers that I needed to lower my standards or come up in price. Of course I didn’t want to do either as I was already looking at places at the top of my price range that were literally the size of my kitchen and living room back in Los Angeles. Gary and I chatted over the phone regarding my disappointment…I really felt like I would never find something. I know I went with somewhat unrealistic expectations, but it paid off in the end because on the third day I ended up finding an apartment that fit ALL of my criteria! Phew! Here was my list:


A/C units or central air

At least 800 sq. ft.

Close to the subway

Outdoor space

Washer/dryer INSIDE the unit


2 bedrooms

Lots of closet space

We ended up finding our Astoria, Queens apartment on craigslist, but had been using nakedapartments.com for the rest of the time. I’m already well aware that Astoria is a food lovers paradise, so I’m sure Gary and I will be out within the first day scoping out our favorite coffee shops and eateries. I seriously love our new place and can’t wait to move in and make it our own!





miss notsocoy


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